Now in its second generation, the Gazelle Utility Vehicle compliments Gazelle ownership by providing a utility platform that combine essential ground-handling-functions – including maneuvering, turbine cold-starts, refueling, pre-flight inspection and aircraft cleaning – in one single person operable remote controlled vehicle as a value enhancing option available in the Aerospatiale SA34X’s Gazelle line-up.


From the powerful hydraulic system, through the advanced remote control system, to the highly effective dynamic height adjustment and multi-surface capability, the SA34X GUV brings more to your Gazelle than ever available.


Be it for business or pleasure the GUV,  with its unique modular platform design for single person Gazelle helicopter operation, will insure that you reach your destination quickly, relaxed and with confidence every time. Call our team and ask about what we can bring to your Gazelle helicopter.