The Gazelle Air-Conditioner (Aero AC) is the newest value enhancing option available in Aerospatiale SA34X’s Gazelle line-up. From the compressor mount and drive, through the condenser mounted in the rear fuselage, to the highly efficient evaporator, SA34X brings more to your Gazelle than ever available. 

Team SA34X designed each component of the system, with maximum effectiveness for use in this powerful turbine helicopter and with minimal impact on aircraft performance.   The evaporator and fan are mounted on the back-panel of the cabin, preserving cabin space and with zero impact on luggage room. The Aero AC run from the electrical system of the helicopter and do not use direct turbine power.  Additional compressor protection is installed to prevent damage to the unit should gas leak out.  An indication device is installed to monitor the system and indicate leaks during pre-flight inspections.   The low-pressure gas in use has no altitude restriction. All hoses are braided and certified to 30Bar whereas the unit’s maximum working pressure is 18Bar.  Over-pressure protection is built in.  Overhead adjustable consoles provide vents for each seat with 280 CFM total airflow. The Aero AC uses ozone friendly refrigerant and has 16,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity. The system can be used on the ground as well as during flight and controlled from within the cockpit by the pilot including temperature- and fan adjustments with no impact on turbine power during operation.


Using only 51 Ampere, the Aero AC brings the design and capability that is standard in all of our systems to this incredible helicopter.   Weighing in at approximately 26 kg, with 280 CFM of air circulation and capable of over 16,000 BTU, this AC unit packs the heat removing punch necessary to properly cool the sun loaded cabin.   


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